Open Space and Recreation

The emphasis in our work is on creating enduring, memorable concepts that ensure landscape becomes a part of people’s everyday lives.

As Managing Director Crosbie Lorimer explains, CLOUSTON’s depth of expertise and breadth of experience covers “the full range of services for parks and the public realm, from strategic planning through to detailed design and delivery of built projects”. Whether it’s a park, plaza, sportsfield, bushland, creek corridor or cycleway, the CLOUSTON team knows how vital the public realm is to our individual and collective wellbeing, and by fostering a greater connection between people and their landscape, we can help to connect people with each other.

Our work encompasses projects as diverse as a multimillion-dollar upgrade to Hyde Park North in Sydney’s CBD, the visitor facilities at the Alice Springs Desert Park, the First Encounters Garden of Cadi Jam Ora in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens, and the Plan of Management for Sydney’s Centennial Parklands.

A successful public realm is one that is a natural part of peoples day-to-day lives