“Our Portfolio focuses on how visitors and locals alike can get the most out of their experience of visiting a place,” explains Associate Director Martin O’Dea. Reinforcing local character and enhancing infrastructure, lifestyle and the visitor experience are central to this growing market, and at the core of our approach is the premise that tourism projects must be intrinsic to the community.

CLOUSTON works with associates in market analysis, economic planning and facility management to offer a suite of services including strategic planning advice and design, visitor management solutions in fragile natural environments, interpretive and way-finding strategies, signage and maps, public artworks, impressive gateways and arrivals, drive routes and guide systems.

In Australia, some of our projects are about a specific place, such as the Mission Beach Visitor Information Centre, while others are much broader, such as the Explorer’s Way and Savannah Way – tourism drive routes that stretch from one side of the continent to the other. For Martin, the award-winning Clarence River Way is a standout, the objective of which was to “position the Clarence as one of the nation’s great river experiences”.

Internationally, CLOUSTON has been involved with strengthening tourism through AusAID in Tonga and visitor experience of wetlands in China.

Reinforcing local character is central to this growing market