Graphics and Illustration

Using art to entice

We have found that the communication of an idea is often as effective as the quality of an idea itself.

To illustrate some ideas, CLOUSTON has created rich graphic designs such as perspective illustrations of projects, concept diagrams, sections and photo montages, and both our clients and the public have responded positively.

Core elements of this service include:

  • Public exhibition material
  • Presentation drawings packages
  • Brochures, flyers, posters and other graphic material used to advertise community consultation
  • Graphics specifically for newspaper media releases
  • Perspective illustrations from sketch quality to public exhibition standard
  • Coordinated complex graphic packages such as information, signage and interpretation systems, from inception through to installation.

Art and Interpretation

Design that tells a story

In creating a memorable experience of place, CLOUSTON views the weaving of meaning through landscape, art pieces and specific interpretation as an essential component.

At our award-winning Stanhope Estate in Parklea, sculptures make humorous references to the fading memory of the site’s previous history as the Peel Perfection Dairy, while the timeline at Cadi Jam Ora First Encounters Garden in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens aims to convey the differences in approach to the natural environment between the Cadigal people and the British First Fleet.

Core elements of this service include:

  • Landscape design as sculpture and art that provides opportunities to appreciate the special qualities of a place
  • The integration of artworks through careful siting, commissioning of site-specific pieces, and working with artists through the development of these projects
  • Site-specific interpretation in the form of interpretive strategies, signage, maps and brochures.

Landscape Character and Visual Impact Assessment

Balancing subjectivity with science

This issue is by nature subjective, and for the past twenty years CLOUSTON has sought to provide measurable best practice outcomes across Australia and overseas, focusing on the clarity of communication. Our aim is to assist the planning process by introducing more qualitative parameters to a complex area.

Using simple graphics, 3D modelling and plain English reporting, we have developed a methodology that can be applied to a range of assessment types, including broad-scale land-use planning, view loss and view sharing.

Core elements of these services include:

  • Preparation of Landscape Character Studies or Scenic Management Plans for a locality or local government area
  • Assistance in preparing VIA methodologies to be applied through a planning instrument such as a Development Control Plan
  • Assistance in preparing specific development controls relating to visual impact
  • Preparation of Expert Witness Statements for the Land and Environment Court.

Expert Witness/Professional Opinion

Experience gives the edge

From time to time, planning disputes arise over proposed and existing developments that can only be resolved through the courts. In these cases, an expert opinion will usually be sought from a qualified practitioner in the relevant field.

At CLOUSTON, our senior staff have more than twenty years’ experience in providing Expert Witness services to the NSW Land and Environment Court on matters ranging from Landscape Character and Visual Impact Assessment (LCVIA) and Universal Access to Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).

Likewise, clients who are in contractual or other legal dispute over constructed landscape works with third parties will periodically seek a Professional Opinion from CLOUSTON on legislative compliance and best practice design, particularly where an injury claim or other damages may have arisen.

Central to our approach to all of these services is rigorous preparation, absolute objectivity and a desire to resolve matters through mediation and joint conferencing wherever practical.

Core elements of these services include:

  • Detailed site evaluation and document analysis
  • Preparation of Expert Witness/Professional Opinion statements
  • Liaison with legal representatives and commissioning party
  • Attendance and submission of evidence at court
  • Joint conferencing/resolution with third parties.

Community Engagement

Keeping communication lines open

CLOUSTON is committed to community participation and communication in all aspects of its practice.

We value the continuing role of the broader community not only in the evolution of successful outcomes, but wherever possible in a meaningful and enduring involvement in the processes of implementation, care and control.

Core elements of this service include:

  • Introductory public meetings, facilitated workshops and focus-group meetings
  • Letterbox drops and mail-outs, onsite notices
  • Personal mapping exercises, project progress posters, post-exhibition workshops and workshop site visits to evaluate final strategies
  • Telephone surveys, in-park user surveys, and face-to-face interviews
  • Letter notification to all stakeholders, including regular newsletter updates
  • Involvement of local media including newspapers, radio and television interviews to reach a wide community base
  • Public presentation displays to elicit comment.