Health and Wellbeing

Bringing people to their environment

As urban designers and landscape planners, we are uniquely positioned to help create an environment that encourages people to get out and about, increase their levels of physical activity and take pleasure in their world. CLOUSTON aims to work as an agent for change in the way communities address the health and wellbeing of their members.

Enhancing walkability is one obvious way of promoting better health. CLOUSTON champions this via Policy 2 pavement (P2P), a collaboration with One Eighty Sports and Leisure Solutions (Adelaide) and Visualvoice (Melbourne). This simple, adaptable tool can assess how walkable our local environment is, which areas have the highest need and how we might go about retro-fitting walking environments to our existing urban environments. To find out more, visit the P2P website.

Core elements of this service include:

  • Assessment of the location and accessibility of open space and recreation facilities
  • Analysis of connectivity between residential, commercial and public precincts
  • Promotion of integrated public transport systems for new developments
  • Advocation of best practice principles for existing sites.