Waterloo, NSW

This ambitious “green building” in Sydney’s Green Square area is a collaboration between CLOUSTON, architects Collins & Turner and Environa Studio. A study in landscape integration, the design establishes a strong theme at ground level with a “Paper Bark Forest” evoking the area’s original ecology.


The building design incorporates extensive areas of podium planting to give the appearance of a green facade. This effect extends to the communal court at ground level, the external covered lobby areas and the roof areas at levels 5 and 21, which take advantage of the impressive CBD views.


Detailed design solutions created for the installation and management of planting not only offer a high amenity for residents and enhance the building’s appearance, they also help to reduce the maintenance burden and strata fees.

Client: JQZ
Architects: Collins & Turner with Environa Studio
Services: Concept, development application, CC documentation
Budget: $900,000
Date: 2014 – ongoing

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