Sydney, NSW

The Light Walk was a dynamic light installation curated by Smart Light Sydney as part of the inaugural VIVID Sydney Festival in 2009. A creative team from CLOUSTON Associates successfully submitted an eye-catching and interactive light art concept to the exhibition.

Taking the festival theme of “City and Memory” and applying it to the landscape, CLOUSTON developed Cycle!, an installation that sought to evoke images of change, in particular changes in the harbour sea level, through the illumination of five rings of brilliant blue LED lights in a random, undulating pattern. In keeping with the festival focus on sustainability, the light rings were powered entirely by visitors to the installation riding stationary bicycles built from found and recycled materials.

Cycle! was so popular that it was specially requested by Events NSW to return for VIVID “Lights On” in 2011.

Client: Smart Light Sydney / Vivid
Service: Light art installation
Budget: $5,000
Dates: 2009 and 2011

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