Darwin Botanic Gardens

Historic plantings for a contemporary build

CLOUSTON Associates developed the concept plan and design documentation for the George Brown Visitors Centre at Darwin’s Botanic Gardens. Dating back to 1886, the Botanic Gardens were created to introduce and evaluate plants for the new city of Darwin.

The planting design at the new Visitors Centre was influenced by the historical and scientific significance of botanic specimens. Tropical plants like Indigo, Tapioca, Flax and Coffee are showcased– all of which are hard to source as they’re not grown commercially. The planting and public art complimented the interior displays prepared by FRD.

The Visitor and Event Centre concept was designed by Darwin architects Hully Liveris and Troppo Architects, and incorporates local materials like Darwin Stringy Bark and porcellanite stone.

CLOUSTON also had site planning inputs on the entry and approach to the Gardens. The new footpath entry is the first step in the prioritising of pedestrians over cars and car parking in the gardens.

Client: Darwin Botanic Gardens
Services: Landscape concept plan, detailed design and documentation
Date: 2018-2019