Garramilla Boulevard

Using Green Streets to Combat Urban Heat

Garramilla Boulevard in Darwin was earmarked as a road corridor 30 years ago. Its construction delay has been a blessing in disguise, because we’ve learnt a lot about the benefits of green streets in the interim.

CLOUSTON Associates developed the concept design and design documentation for the recently completed Garramilla Boulevard. There’s a real shift in focus to walking and cycling, with 60% of the new road corridor dedicated to landscape, pedestrian and bike paths. It features Darwin’s first dedicated bike lane, linking the inner city suburb of Stuart Park to Darwin’s CBD.

The vision is for a continuous, joined up tree canopy spanning the road in 15 years. We’ve used 60m3 tree pits and structural soil systems to get good soil volume to support big tree growth. Tree species have been selected for their cyclone resilience and ability to offer impressive shade – Albizia saman (South-American Rain Tree), Syzygium armstrongii (Bush Apple), Allosyncarpia ternata (Anbinik) and Maranthes corymbosa (White Cloud Tree).

Client: NT Government
Services: Landscape concept plan, detailed design and documentation
Date: 2015-2019