Senior Landscape Architect

Bella is a Senior Landscape Architect with a Master’s degree at CLOUSTON Associates, having joined the practice in August 2022. With 8+ years of professional experience in both Australia and China, she has contributed to international multidisciplinary projects encompassing urban masterplan design, civic public realm, and high-standard small-scale horticultural projects. Bella’s expertise extends from preliminary analysis and concept design stages to design development, detailed documentation, and construction documentation.

Throughout her career, Bella has skillfully coordinated the delivery of complex projects, producing high-quality design presentations and reports in collaboration with various design teams and external stakeholders. She excels in leading teams through challenges, especially in the early stages of project delivery, concept illustration, and strategy development.

Bella holds a strong passion for horticultural and planting design, aiming to use this passion to enhance the aesthetic quality of public spaces at a human scale for local communities.